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New User? Go to the LOGIN section in the box at the right. Locate “New User?” and click on “Start Here.” The New Account Page will appear where you will create your new user account using an ADULT NAME, NOT A CHILD’S. You will “add a child” later, if necessary, when you attempt to register for a child’s class.

Returning? Enter your User Name and Password.

To view the list of Classes:

Go to “Semester.” Click on the down arrow. Select a semester. Click the “Search” button and ALL classes will display in alphabetical order.

“Class Type” shows specific Age categories. It is a good idea to search your specific age categories as age levels are strictly enforced. After choosing your specific age group click “Search” again to refresh the list.

“Medium/Technique/Subject” is an advanced search for when you are looking for something very specific, like only clay for instance. After choosing an additional filter from this list, click “Search” to narrow your search further.

Click on the CLASS TITLE to see a full page description of that class.

Click on BEGIN REGISTRATION at any time you want to register for that class.

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Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art, Inc.
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