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Painting Skies, Landscapes & Dramatic Light

Location: The Rehoboth Art League

Room: Outdoors

Aug 22-23, 2012

Meets 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
on Wed Th

Tuition: $260.00
(Member Discount Available)
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Status: This program is completed
This class will cover how to “see” differently and paint the sky, clouds, and sunsets/sunrises. We will discuss composition, light, value, color, texture of paint, application and confidence!!!!

Class will do both plein air and studio work.

Instructor -- Sara Linda Poly
Born in 1945, Sara Linda Poly grew up near Philadelphia and has spent many years living, traveling and teaching around the US and in Europe and Mexico. She currently lives and maintains a studio in Easton MD.

Known for her sweeping skies and landscapes, Sara has been the winner of numerous awards and a participant in many local and national shows and plein air competitions, including "Best Maryland Artist" at Plein Air Easton 2011.

Memberships include: The Oil Painters of America, The Washington Society of Landscape Painters, The Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters of America, The Salmagundi Club NYC, and the South Street Art Gallery Guild of Fine Artists in Easton.

Required supplies for this program:
  • My Palette Please don't use old paint that is too stiff or dried out....should have nice buttery texture) You may bring the colors you are used to using also.
  • Yellows...light or lemon (I like Gamblin Radiant Lemon)
  • Yellow Medium (I use cadmium but there are other less expensive that are fine)
  • Indian Yellow (optional)
  • Permanent Alizarin
  • Quinacridone red (Permanent Rose)
  • Cadmium Orange (optional, can be made)
  • Viridian (Optional)
  • Manganese Blue
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Titanium or Titanium/Zinc White (large tube)
  • Supplies (Google “Plein Air Painting Supplies” and explore all options )
  • Plastic or paper viewer
  • Brushes: Bristle- (2,4,6,8 ) flats and/or filberts, rounds ok if you like them
  • Small thin watercolor brush (a rigger about 1” long for fine lines)
  • Wipe out tool (I may have some you can purchase) but get it if you can
  • Paper towels(Viva is great) or blue shop towels (cheaper), or kleenex
  • Hand wipes or hand cleaner
  • Medium size plastic bags for used towels, etc.
  • Palette knife(s), medium, pointy kind, for painting, and one for scraping palette
  • Odorless Mineral Spirits or brush cleaner in hanging metal can or other
  • small container medium (Galkyd or Neo Megilp, or whatever, for glazing
  • Wood or Plexiglass palette if possible, white paper not good for outdoors.
  • Small -medium sized primed canvases, panels or canvas pad (Centurian) can be cut and taped to a board. Centurian OP dlx Linen Panels are great for a good price, google them.
  • Portable easel and wet paintings carrier(a pizza box will work also)
  • google “plein air painting supplies”
  • The Easyl and Open Box M, among others, are used with a tripod, French easels are fine but heavy, good inexpensive alternatives (Sun Eden) get the one with a shelf for your palette.
  • Small drawing pad and dark pencil or charcoal and camera
  • Painting umbrella that attaches to easel-optional (optional)
  • Sketches, pochades, or photos of landscape and clouds for indoor class
  • Plus: Sunscreen, bug spray, hat and/or visor, water bottle, food. windbreaker, warm jacket, disposable gloves and old gloves (for cold mornings)
  • Oh yes, and bring your Sense of Humor!!!

The Rehoboth Art League

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