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Mycology: Cultivation and Remediation

Location: 220 E. Colorado, Telluride.

Room: UCSM Room 208

Aug 16-19, 2012

Meets 8:00 AM-8:00 PM
on Sun Th Fri Sat

Level: All - Beginner to Advanced

Status: This course is completed
***The total cost of this class is $280 including a pass to the Telluride Mushroom Festival. Please contact UCSM for the form to register for this class. CMU credit classes have a different process.***

This is a basic course in mycology focusing on cultivation and the use of Fungi as remediators of environmental degradation. Students will attend the Telluride Mushroom Festival and follow the Cultivation and Remediation Tracks of the event to gain knowledge and insight from nationally recognized presenters in the field of Mycology and Cultivation. This is a 5 day commitment with hands on experience and lots of participation.

Upon completion of this course, students will:
1. Understand and explain the role and importance of Fungi in natural ecosystems
2. Understand and apply the basic concepts and steps of cultivating edible gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to home use and in garden landscapes to benefit soil production and the breakdown of nutrients.
3. Understand the role of fungi in mycoremediation, mycofiltration, mycoforestry, and mycorestoration practices
4. Understand how different cultures have utilized mushrooms as a food and medicine source
5. Understand and share 6 ways mushrooms can help save the world
6. Understand and explain the life cycle of Fungi
  • This is in partnership with the Telluride Mushroom Festival.

Instructor -- Scott Koch

Required supplies for this course:
  • Rain gear

Tuition Payment / Refund Policy:

  • Tuition, service fees, materials fees, and registration fees must be paid in full by cash or check or credit card at time of registration.  Register online, mail to UCSM at P.O. Box 1621, Telluride, CO 81435, or deliver to UCSM at 220 East Colorado Avenue, #208, Telluride.  You may also fax your registration form to 970 369 5540, followed up immediately with payment.
  • 75% of tuition will be refunded if the student formally withdraws before the second meeting of the class.  No refund for withdrawal after that date.  Registration fee of $20 will not be refunded (it is added to the tuition cost)
  • Note: Formal withdrawal requires notification by personal contact with a UCSM staff person at 970 369 5255 or
  • Textbooks can only be refunded if the packaging is unopened, or if there is no packaging the textbook is in new condition.
  • Please be aware that pictures and film may be taken during the class and used for educational promotion.  This serves as a waiver to use your image.  Please tell UCSM administration if you wish to not be in the promotional materials.

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